The Capiche team’s passion centers around how businesses positively affect their bottom line by discovering their unique brand and then “living” the brand—all while engaging staff and creating lifelong fans.

Capiche enjoys working with photographers, designers, printers, reporters and publishers—all in support of winery and related clients. See what people are saying and find out if we are a good fit for you.

The founder, president, CEO and driving force behind Capiche, Chris Cook took a few minutes out to catch us up on the motivation behind her work in the wine industry and share with us where her team is headed.

Staying involved in wine industry and business organizations helps us keep our finger on the pulse of trends to embrace and pitfalls to avoid. Plus, we get to interact and develop strategic partnerships to benefit our clients.

We love to see our clients’ names in print. And on television. And on social and online media. Here we share a smattering of recent client PR and media placements. We would like to get your name in print, too!

At Capiche, we strive to ground our suggestions in reality. We test assumptions and listen closely. By using tried-and-true research methods, we deliver recommendations you can take to the bank.

We learn by observing. And we get around! You never know what you will find at a winery, tasting room, or wine event. This gallery shares some of our positive experiences. Is your tasting room among the pics?

We call it research—and we love it! Visiting 100+ tasting rooms a year, the Capiche team sees it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly. We write about these visits in our blog and share the good with our clients!

Chris Cook brings decades of successful collaborations with graphic designers on branding, publications, and websites as well as a stellar record of public relations, marketing, and storytelling on behalf of her clients.