Vicki Purslow and Chris CookThe Capiche team’s passion centers around how businesses positively affect their bottom line by discovering their unique brand and then “living” the brandall while engaging staff and creating lifelong fans.

Chris Cook, MM

Chris CookChris Cook, Capiche founder, brings more than three decades of experience in marketing and a love of entrepreneurship. Since enrolling at the Southern Oregon Wine Institute in 2015, she has focused on the burgeoning wine industry, helping wineries develop their brand and best serve their customers. Chris has organized and facilitated monthly Wine Industry Roundtables with guest speakers on timely issues. An active member of the former Southern Oregon Winery Association, she served on its Marketing Committee. Chris was also a member of the Oregon Wine Experience’s Marketing Committee for several years. An adjunct professor for Southern Oregon University’s MBA program and speaker for the university’s Professional Development Program, Chris has a BS in communication and a master in management.

Vicki Purslow, EdD

Vicki PurslowDr. Vicki Purslow, Capiche research analyst, has more than 30 years’ experience gathering and analyzing data in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. She recently completed the 2016 Oregon Tasting Room Survey and has already begun work on her next project—a study about the purchasing habits of wine consumers across the US. Dr. Purslow earned an MA from California State University, Sacramento; an EdD from University of the Pacific; and a certificate in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching from CRR Global.