Business Coaching

Robert Trottmann and Chris Cook at ComputerChris has earned a reputation for being a forward thinker and motivational team leader. Her consulting includes a heavy dose of coaching as her clients develop solutions to match their needs in an inclusive, transparent process.

Leadership & Business Coaching

Coaching supports and challenges individuals to maximize their potential, which ultimately maximizes the potential of the people they lead. Our coaching goals are to build insight, self-awareness and self-leadership, empowering executives and key team members to boost their own resources.

Leadership coaching will help you discover the voice within calling you to deeper pursuits. You’ll reconnect with your passions, identify your goals and map out a strategy for attaining those targets. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, career advancement or both, Capiche can help you find the way.

As a co-active coach, Chris Cook honors your innate creativity and resourcefulness. She brings a clarity of vision and precision to her approach that will awaken you to the possibilities of your life. Decades of experience working with private and public sector executives have given Chris a shrewd awareness of the concerns leaders face. Her infectious enthusiasm will cheer you on even as she holds your feet to the fire, galvanizing you to achieve the changes you long for.

Like all great coaches, Chris will motivate, challenge and inspire you to evolve into the person you most want to be. Together, you will become collaborators in a unique creative process designed to transform your life.

Areas of Specialization

Below are just a few of the objectives Chris can help you realize:
  • Honing your leadership​​​ skills
  • Strengthening your work performance
  • Deepening your interpersonal relationships​​​​​
  • Balancing work and life
  • Transitioning to a new career
  • Creating your personal brand

Individual Coaching

Coaching supports and challenges today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to maximize their potential, which ultimately maximizes the potential of the people they lead.

Team Workshops

Capiche offers customized team workshops to help you understand and develop your team’s potential. Examples include: Leading with Emotional Intelligence; Living Your Brand; Defining Your Vision, Values and Purpose; and Increasing Pride, Trust and Recognition.

Sustainable Change = Increased Profits

Through a combination of individual coaching; team workshops; and shared vision, values and purpose, organizations can create meaningful and lasting change.

Schedule a Session

Capiche welcomes individuals from across the industries and around the globe. Schedule a complimentary phone, Skype or in-person consultation to see if Chris is the right leadership coach for you. Call 541.601.0114, email or complete our Contact form to begin your journey today.