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Southern Oregon Wineries: The Next Generation in Charge

It was bound to happen. Southern Oregon’s pioneering wineries are passing from their founding fathers and mothers to the next generation. If you haven’t visited these featured Southern Oregon wineries, autumn is a lovely time to make the trip! Here’s your travel guide.

Terroir Noir: New Research on Blacks in the Wine Industry

Seven Questions for Dr. Monique Bell, Researcher, Educator & Wine Industry Leader Dr. Monique Bell is an educator, researcher, creator, and consultant in California’s San Joaquin Valley. She is curious about how cultural facets, such as race, ethnicity, language, and values how both influence and are influenced by marketing. As a professor at Fresno State […]

7 Questions for a Master Wine Marketer

Interview with Ian Consoli, Director of Marketing, Tablas Creek Vineyard Photo by Jeanine Madson Photography What started as a film short has turned into a full-length feature for Ian Consoli, Tablas Creek Vineyard’s director of marketing. It all started when Ian decided to move back to his hometown of Paso Robles for a quick reset […]

Interview with Cyril Penn, Wine Business Monthly’s Editor in Chief

Cyril Penn has followed the U.S. wine industry as editor of Wine Business Monthly for nearly two decades. In that time, Wine Business Monthly has emerged as the leading provider of information to the wine industry in North America.

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Interview with Deborah Parker Wong: Renowned Wine Writer, Speaker, Educator, and Judge

As global wine editor for the SOMM Journal and The Tasting Panel magazines, she has been writing about the beverage alcohol industry for these and other outlets since 2004. Most recently, she was the national editor for the Slow Food Slow Wine Guide 202. Parker Wong teaches as an adjunct professor in the wine studies departments at Santa Rosa Junior College and Cabrillo College and owns a WSET school. Her motto is: To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.

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A Wish and a Challenge for 2022

Positivity in the world begins with each of us. The power of affirmations—in your personal life, in business, and athletics—means what you think is what you become. We have complete control over our own narratives. . .

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Italian Wines Show Beautifully at 2021 Wine Media Conference #WMC21

I know. Participating in a three-day wine media conference sounds like tough work—but somebody has to do it.… And fortunately for me, I got to do it last month with 150 other wine aficionados hailing from Canada to Italy.

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Capiche Conversations: Interview with “Recovering Attorney” Kevin Breck, Owner of North Bar Cellars

When Kevin Breck picked up a book called “The Game of Wine” in the 1990s, he had no idea it would change the course of his life—nor that he would have to wait a quarter-century to fulfill his dream of becoming a winemaker. After 25 years of working as an attorney, Kevin was ready to realize that vision. He completed the Southern Oregon Wine Institute (SOWI) viticulture and enology program and worked harvests in both Southern Oregon and Spain before founding North Bar Cellars in 2017.

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Capiche Conversations: Interview with Traute Moore, Co-Owner of South Stage Cellars

In 1939, seven-year-old Traute Moore fled to St. Louis from her hometown of Vienna, Austria, with her mother following the Anschluss. Before her father was able to join them, Hitler banned travel by boat. Five years later, they were reunited, and Traute’s life was to become marked by a series of happy coincidences that would lead to her and her husband, retired physician Don Moore, embarking on a viticultural adventure at Quail Run Vineyards.

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Capiche Conversations: Interview with Chad Day, Owner/Manager, RoxyAnn Winery

When you hear “historical destination winery in Medford,” RoxyAnn Winery probably comes to mind immediately. With 11 spots on the National Register of Historic Places and a farming heritage dating back four generations, RoxyAnn Winery’s stunning grounds carry a fascinating history that makes an unbeatable backdrop for wine-tasting, weddings, and their Wine + Music Series.

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