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Southern Oregon Wineries: The Next Generation in Charge

It was bound to happen. Southern Oregon’s pioneering wineries are passing from their founding fathers and mothers to the next generation. If you haven’t visited these featured Southern Oregon wineries, autumn is a lovely time to make the trip! Here’s your travel guide.

Capiche Conversations: Interview with “Recovering Attorney” Kevin Breck, Owner of North Bar Cellars

When Kevin Breck picked up a book called “The Game of Wine” in the 1990s, he had no idea it would change the course of his life—nor that he would have to wait a quarter-century to fulfill his dream of becoming a winemaker. After 25 years of working as an attorney, Kevin was ready to realize that vision. He completed the Southern Oregon Wine Institute (SOWI) viticulture and enology program and worked harvests in both Southern Oregon and Spain before founding North Bar Cellars in 2017.

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Capiche Conversations: Interview with Traute Moore, Co-Owner of South Stage Cellars

In 1939, seven-year-old Traute Moore fled to St. Louis from her hometown of Vienna, Austria, with her mother following the Anschluss. Before her father was able to join them, Hitler banned travel by boat. Five years later, they were reunited, and Traute’s life was to become marked by a series of happy coincidences that would lead to her and her husband, retired physician Don Moore, embarking on a viticultural adventure at Quail Run Vineyards.

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Capiche Conversations: Interview with Chad Day, Owner/Manager, RoxyAnn Winery

When you hear “historical destination winery in Medford,” RoxyAnn Winery probably comes to mind immediately. With 11 spots on the National Register of Historic Places and a farming heritage dating back four generations, RoxyAnn Winery’s stunning grounds carry a fascinating history that makes an unbeatable backdrop for wine-tasting, weddings, and their Wine + Music Series.

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Capiche Conversations: Interview with Terry Brandborg of Brandborg Vineyard & Winery

Following is the inaugural edition of a new series of interviews featuring Capiche clients. We are delighted to introduce Terry Brandborg of Brandborg Vineyard & Winery, based in Elkton, Oregon.

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Here Comes OND … Pour Me Another—and Get Busy Marketing!

Are you suffering from bad news fatigue like I am? It’s one thing after another—COVID-19 hitting us in March. Now, the fires. And the constantly changing rules and regulations for restaurants, bars and tasting rooms.… With so many moving parts, how do we plan for OND—October, November, December—the biggest annual boon to all retailers?

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How to Create Opportunity from Crisis: Top 10 Strategies to Come out Swinging

In just a matter of weeks, the nature of the wine business in the US—and the world in general—has drastically changed. Restaurants and bars have been shut down, wineries have closed their tasting rooms, and wine retailers have had to rethink the way they do business. Some have closed altogether, at least for now.

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4 Global Wine Trends You Can Take to the Bank

Ready for a happy, profitable new year? Forget reinventing the wheel and take a look at what is trending globally. Incorporate these trends into your local marketing strategies—and take it to the bank.

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Where There’s Smoke

Fires. Smoke. Accidents. Scandals. Deaths. Lawsuits. Layoffs. All these events—and others you’ve never imagined—can impact your winery. Do you have a crisis communication plan? Michael Turney, professor of communication at Northern Kentucky University, likens having a crisis communication plan to auto insurance.

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What Makes the Best Wine Clubs the Best?

By now, you’ve probably joined a wine club … or two … or three … or more! Most of my wine-loving friends are members of multiple clubs, as am I. When we get together over wine, the subject often comes up. “Which wineries are you members of? Why?” While Capiche has been studying trends and surveying current and past wine club members for specific wineries, the good, the bad and the ugly have emerged. We’re going to focus on the good.

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