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4 Global Wine Trends You Can Take to the Bank

Ready for a happy, profitable new year? Forget reinventing the wheel and take a look at what is trending globally. Incorporate these trends into your local marketing strategies—and take it to the bank.

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Big Data = Big Sales

Most wineries are finding that direct-to-consumer sales are harder than ever to achieve—both in tasting rooms and through wine clubs. With unlikely competitors like The Wall Street Journal, Macy’s and NPR promoting their own wine clubs (really?!), wine purchasing options are never-ending.

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Wine Clubs: Sink or Swim, Crash or Soar? Real Data Calls the Shots.

This winter I received many solicitations to join wine clubs—from unusual places. The Wall Street Journal, Macy’s, NPR and Martha Stewart all launched wine clubs. I also received solicitations for wine clubs that offer “great” pricing by selling wine that belongs on the bottom shelf of a discount grocer (a.k.a. cheap bulk wine). All of these clubs are competing directly with the more than 90% of US wineries that have wine clubs.

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