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Hire Nice and Teach Wine—Case in Point

Last October, I wrote a blog post called “Hire Nice, and Teach Wine,” and last week, I saw this principle work beautifully in action. In a time when every single guest to your tasting room will either help make or break you, it’s even more important to hire nice, teach wine—AND teach hospitality!

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Hire “Nice” and Teach Wine

If there’s one thing that can make or break a tasting room experience, it’s (no, not the wine) the service you receive.

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Got Downtime in the Tasting Room? Use It to Better Serve Your Future Guests

Most tasting rooms experience downtime during which there are no guests. That leaves you with three options: 1) let the staff sit and wait, 2) send staff home, or 3) have them perform other strategic tasks. I’ll bet you can imagine what Capiche recommends!

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