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11 Ways to Bring Your Web Presence to the Next Level

First impressions can create a lifelong ambassador or a disappointed grumbler—and those impressions can spread exponentially for the positive or negative, depending on the customer’s experience.

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Spiders and Crawlers and Bots, Oh My! Topping a Google Search and Why

Every year, the Wine Business Monthly publishes its annual Tasting Room/DTC Survey results. Did you know that on average 8% of DTC wine sales occur online? What would your business look like if you were able to increase your online DTC sales to more than 8%? How would that impact your bottom line?

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Got Downtime in the Tasting Room? Use It to Better Serve Your Future Guests

Most tasting rooms experience downtime during which there are no guests. That leaves you with three options: 1) let the staff sit and wait, 2) send staff home, or 3) have them perform other strategic tasks. I’ll bet you can imagine what Capiche recommends!

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