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7 Questions for a Master Wine Marketer

Interview with Ian Consoli, Director of Marketing, Tablas Creek Vineyard Photo by Jeanine Madson Photography What started as a film short has turned into a full-length feature for Ian Consoli, Tablas Creek Vineyard’s director of marketing. It all started when Ian decided to move back to his hometown of Paso Robles for a quick reset […]

Italian Wines Show Beautifully at 2021 Wine Media Conference #WMC21

I know. Participating in a three-day wine media conference sounds like tough work—but somebody has to do it.… And fortunately for me, I got to do it last month with 150 other wine aficionados hailing from Canada to Italy.

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Capiche Conversations: Interview with Tim Hanni, Master of Wine (MW), Part 2

This continues our fascinating conversation with Tim Hanni, MW, a dear friend and collaborator of Capiche. See Part 1 if you missed the first segment.

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Capiche Conversations: Interview with Tim Hanni, Master of Wine (MW), Part 1

America’s first Master of Wine and one of fewer than 500 in the world, Tim Hanni has collected epithets ranging from the wine anti-snob (The Wall Street Journal) to the Swami of Umami (memorialized by Pug Ostling, who awarded Tim the official Swami of Umami t-shirt in 1990) to flavor maven (Oregon Wine Press) to the King of Digressions (self-applied 😉) over his five-decade career in the wine industry.

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Capiche Conversations: Interview with Whitman Parker, Publisher of Southern Oregon Wine Scene and Jacksonville Review

When Whitman Parker and his wife, Jo, moved from Denver to Jacksonville, Oregon, they harnessed their backgrounds in real estate to embark on new career trajectories. Whit purchased the Jacksonville Review, and Jo set up WillowCreek Gifts in downtown historic Jacksonville.

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Here Comes OND … Pour Me Another—and Get Busy Marketing!

Are you suffering from bad news fatigue like I am? It’s one thing after another—COVID-19 hitting us in March. Now, the fires. And the constantly changing rules and regulations for restaurants, bars and tasting rooms.… With so many moving parts, how do we plan for OND—October, November, December—the biggest annual boon to all retailers?

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Yes, It’s BiG—a BiG Fail! 5 Ways to Avoid a Colossal Campaign Clunker

At the end of each year, many publications “celebrate” the worst marketing campaigns of the year. Less than 40 days into the new year, and there is already a regrettable fail from the wine industry.

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Are You Ready for OND? Top 5 Strategies to Crush It Now

Anyone who has worked in retail will quickly recognize OND as October/November/December—that three-month period when your sales will either make or break your year’s profits.

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How DANCIN Vineyards Raised the Barre with New Labels

In last month’s blog post, Put a Bird on It, I focused on the importance of label design. This month, I share a case study from a southern Oregon winery—DANCIN Vineyards. All it took was a candid observation from a guest in late 2015 to prompt Dan Marca to completely upend the label design he had used since his first vintage in 2010.

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Put a Bird on It: The Importance of Wine Label Design

When’s the last time you looked at your own wine labels? I mean REALLY looked at them—from the consumer’s point of view? We recently traveled through airports in Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon and—of course—examined the wine choices in each duty-free shop. I was struck by the creativity of some of the packaging, especially in the Champagne category.

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