Big Data = Big Sales

Most wineries are finding that direct-to-consumer sales are harder than ever to achieve—both in tasting rooms and through wine clubs. With unlikely competitors like The Wall Street Journal, Macy’s and NPR promoting their own wine clubs (really?!), wine purchasing options are never-ending.

Capiche has a solution: leverage the power of big data.

Big data will help your winery enhance its marketing strategy and tactics to sell more wine more profitably.

You may think you don’t have the resources to buy big data, yet you already have it in your possession. Wine club members and anyone who has ever enjoyed a sip of your wine in your tasting room should be on your customer list. That list is among your most valuable assets and—as the April edition of Wine Business Monthly reminds us—your customer list is as important an asset as your vineyard and inventory.

Wine Ads Targeting Men

The wine industry has a history of targeting men

The vast majority of your sales comes from only 30% of your customers, but do you know who those 30% are? High-end marketing has traditionally targeted men, yet a trend shows younger women are buying almost as much wine as men. It may be time to rethink your marketing messages and placement.

This leads us to news about our next research project, which we are excited to share with you. Vicki Purslow, Capiche’s research analyst, is working on a team of four university faculty from across the country to investigate loyalty to wine produced within the consumer’s state of residence. They are focusing their initial research on the states of Oregon, New York and Wisconsin. For example, we know New York has a robust campaign called New York Drinks New York. But does that translate into more loyalty among New York residents in terms of their wine-purchasing habits? Do New Yorkers demonstrate their loyalty through purchases of New York wine over those produced in other states and regions?

The team will discern the demographics of residents most likely to purchase wine produced in their home state. This big data can inform marketing messages, placement and strategy. Stay tuned. The survey findings will be presented at the WBM Wine Business Conference in September 2018, Bordeaux, France.

In the meantime, you already possess some big data. How are you using it?

You may think you don’t have the resources to buy big data, yet you already have it in your possession. Click To Tweet

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