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What Makes the Best Wine Clubs the Best?

By now, you’ve probably joined a wine club … or two … or three … or more! Most of my wine-loving friends are members of multiple clubs, as am I. When we get together over wine, the subject often comes up. “Which wineries are you members of? Why?” While Capiche has been studying trends and surveying current and past wine club members for specific wineries, the good, the bad and the ugly have emerged. We’re going to focus on the good.

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Figuring out Distribution: What’s Best for You? Q&A with Master of Wine Bree Boskov

In anticipation of the Nov. 6 Southern Oregon Wine Industry Roundtable, Capiche conducted a Q&A with Bree Boskov to get a preview of her presentation “Figuring out Distribution: What’s Best for You?”

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Wine Charities Rise to the Occasion: Oregon’s Newest Supports First Responders

We all know wine people are the best people, and they also are exceptionally philanthropic. In Oregon alone, I can think of more than a dozen wineries with specific charity programs.

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